Today’s negotiation challenges cannot be solved with conventional approaches at the table.

That’s why we set out to build something new. An integrated brand that works globally in an interconnected world. Something unlike any other company in the consulting space. Previously, traditional management consultancies, intelligence, law firms and services agencies have existed in wholly separate spheres. But in today’s interconnected world, this dynamic no longer works for negotiation.

The need to keep up with the pace of change and concentration leads to a higher degree of ambiguity and uncertainty. We work with organizations and leaders to solve modern negotiation challenges with a combination of first hand academic knowledge, tested robust routines in developing negotiation strategies, curiosity and ingenuity — all focused on delivering organizational clarity from the inside out to face the tough negotiations ahead.


Who We Are

We provide global leadership on negotiation. We’ve assembled an experienced lean world class team to face the negotiation challenges and prepare for each assignment a unique team of the brightest business experts, business strategists from various industries, military strategy experts,  political leaders, social scientists and project management leaders. We built with the best of two worlds from LaxSebenius LLC and Wachsonian GmbH a new brand and created LaxWachsSebenius to serve you the best way possible. Unconventional, robust, smart and focused on your negotiations.

David Lax, James Sebenius and Friedhelm Wachs lead that brand.

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